Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It is coming up to a year since we moved into our lovely home and I have been looking back over all the photos and marvelling at all the changes we have made in such a short space of time.  I am incredibly proud of it all and still marvel that I haven't managed to kill the garden.

As soon as February ticked over and March arrived, Mother Nature decided to move us straight into autumn.  Not that we really had a summer, but I look back now and appreciate those 5 extra degrees we had back in January.  There is a definite nip to the air and not just at night time.  Mornings start at 4 degrees and get to high teens by late afternoon if we are lucky.  It is nice to see the seasons change and to welcome back a roaring fire, yes we have been weak and succumbed to a few early season fires.

As with all season changes, I am winding down my vegetable production and getting ready for winter.  My corn is about ready to harvest as are my snow peas and carrots.  I have spent the last weekend propagating the strawberries so that next season we can have a massive bed just of strawberries.  The potatoes will be my last vegetable for the year and they are coming along nicely.  Who would have thought that such an ugly vegetable would have such pretty, purple flowers.

While Richard was working the compost last weekend he found an avocado seed that had sprouted.  We were very excited and quickly planted it in a pot.  We have moved it to the cupboard inside that has the hot water system.  Avocados don't grow in the South Island, so we figure the cupboard it a nice, warm substitute and hopefully will help it along.  We go through Avocados like water so it would be nice to have our own tree.  I know I'm dreaming but the kids are there with me in this pipe dream.  It is just a good excuse for Richard to get moving and build me that glasshouse I am wanting.  Will keep you updated on it's progress.

In an effort to share produce, Richard's boss who has a large and established farm, supplies us with his overflow.  We have been introduced to the uses of duck eggs and have recently been rewarded with a large supply of juicy plums.  I have been madly making jam of the fruit we can't get through and I feel very cottage industry-like.  Hopefully in the years to come, I will have a similar problem with over supply of our fruits and can share with others.

It seems that you just need to drive down any of the country roads around us and someone has put out a sign selling their surplus produce.  It is a great way to shop.  I head out for a drive through the country after dropping the kids with change in my pocket and keep an eye out for fresh veges, eggs or flowers.  So much cheaper than the shop and you know it is as fresh as it comes.  I am considering stock piling for winter, I feel like a chipmunk.

So I will leave you with some photos of before and after and will write again soon.

One year ago

Garden today

My potatoes - just waiting to be roasted

Amy washing the spuds with George's help

We can see you George!

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  1. I so very deeply and respectfully envy your wonderful life, and can't imagine nicer people to be living it!