Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home maker or more?

Today is overcast and cold and my mood is reflecting the day.  I am feeling restless and bored and while I am happy in my life, I'm sitting here wondering is this it.  I have turned into a homemaker/earth mother of my own making and while I am proud that I now make all the kids snacks and there are no pre-packaged biscuits or additive ridden foods in our pantry, is this all there is?  The kids are now happily settled in school and I am left feeling like everyone has a place to go in the mornings except for me.

So I am sitting here, watching the bunnies hop around the yard and I wonder, what could I do?  I have always wanted my own business, but what?  I have many grand ideas that seem far fetched, one involving bringing Dan Murphy's to New Zealand but while a good idea, probably not realistic.

My Mother, in her infinite wisdom, tells me sternly never to under value my role as homemaker and I agree. However, I need some other mental stimulation and a challenge, I have mastered muesli slice and anzac biscuits and I want more in my day.

So it is my mission to find something that drives me and gives me a passion.  I want something that is mine and makes me feel proud that I did it.  But what??  Watch this space....

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  1. Oh, the best state of all.
    It's all possible. I can't wait to see what emerges!