Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From Bogey Boards to Tractors

What a huge change to our lives the last couple of weeks has been.  We have learnt the hard way what stress is involved when you choose to buy a house and complete the whole process in under 3 weeks.  We decided for the sanity of all involved we needed to move out of Sumner and distance ourselves from the constant reminders of the earthquake.

Having made this decision, the hunt for a new house in a location that was as safe as you could be in a city prone to earthquakes, began.  We wrote lists of what we wanted and realised we needed and wanted a complete change and what more of a change that to go rural.  We found a lovely house on a huge block that had the benefit of being a quick drive to Richard's work, a short walk to school and the village and within a small community of young families.  From seeing the house for the first time and signing the contract we settled and moved in only 17 days later.  Madness!

We packed up and sadly said goodbye to Sumner.  It was sad to leave the place where we had been so happy and where we had already made so many friends. The memories will always be with us, we fell in love with Sumner and this was one of the reasons we felt so happy to move to New Zealand in the first place.

Having said that, we were so excited about moving into our own house again.  A place where we could put up our photos that have lived in a box for over a year, have a pet without asking permission and feel like we could truly relax.  I had forgotten what a wonderful feeling it is to have a place of your own.

I was so lucky to have my Dad arrive on the day we moved in.  In the madness and chaos of the move, he arrived and helped us get sorted and unpacked, I could never have done it as fast without him.  Apart from his wonderful help, I had forgotten how much I missed having him around, it was very hard to say goodbye to him at the airport 10 days later.  This is definately the down side to living here, missing my Mum and Dad. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't convince him to make the move. I'll keep trying!

Our house is starting to resemble a home and the boxes have all disappeared now.  We are learning about ride on mowers, types of firewood and how to look after almost 3000 sqm of land.  The girls got their birthday present early with the addition to the family of 2 lop eared bunnies and George is happily exploring his new home.

Our lives have changed again and while we are starting again in some ways, it is easier and we have faith that we can do it a second time.  We have chosen a quiet neighbourhood with lots of families, we are surrounded by kids and mostly they are around the girls age.  They all go to the same local school and after school, the kids disappear to play dates around the area.  The girls are relaxed and happy for the first time since that fateful day in February and that is such a relief.  I am so grateful that we had the ability to give them back a feeling of calm and safety that was missing after the earthquake.  Mia is still having a hard time and adjusting for the 3rd time is not coming easy so we try and take each day as it comes.  This is a whole new blog, one I will write when I have the time and strength.

But we are very lucky and extremely happy in our new, lovely home.  I hope this has filled in some gaps of communication over the last few weeks while we have been frantic and unreachable.  Hope you like the photos below.  Lots of room for guests and the reservation book is now once again open, for the second time.

Our new house - 9 Aberdeen Rd Prebbleton.

The massive pile of firewood I moved by hand.

Rich and Amy learning to drive

Mia and her bunny Clover

Our backyard 

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  1. I've been wondering how you've been getting on since the earthquake. Glad you've moved to somewhere you feel safer. Looks like you have a beautiful house!
    I've heard good things about Prebbleton School, a few of my classmates have been student teaching there. :)