Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Feeling at home

A weekend drive in the hills behind the house

The kids and Rich freezing it out for a picture

The view across the Port Hills to Lyttleton

Our favourite cafe, Joe's Gararge

The girls are braver than I - swimming at the beach

Amy disappearing into a tidal pool
Is it possible to feel so completely comfortable in a new place and fall in love with your new home so quickly? We have now been here only a week and a half and already I feel like I have found a place for myself in the world.  I sit here writing this looking out across Pegasus Bay to the Pacific Ocean and I feel calm and happy and content.  The wind has come up this afternoon and it has caused big rollers to  storm in towards the beach.  The sun is setting, and the wispy clouds have turned a pale pinky, orange shade. I am sure it is raining over the Kaikoura Mountains  and out over the sea as it has a misty, fuzzy look in the distance.  Even though the weather is less than calm, it soothes me and leaves me feeling that I am in the best place in the world right now.

I have landed in a beautiful part of the world where life is calmer and more relaxed and people are not as skeptical and time-worn as Sydney. It is refreshing to find people who say hello walking down the street in the village and wave to you as they drive past.

Today the girls and I heading down to the beach and spent a couple of hours collecting shells, running up and down the beach and playing is tidal pools left as the tide went out to sea.  It was amazing, the beach was busy with kids playing, dogs barking with sheer joy at being able to run and play in the surf and people wandering along enjoying the day.  What a wonderful way to enjoy the day.

This afternoon we met our first neighbours, thanks to my friendly 4 year old who insisted that we walk to the neighbours below us and say hi.  I am pleased I did because they are lovely.  Zoe has 2 girls and a boy Amy's age. The girls are both older and Mia was in awe of these big girls, following them around like a puppy dog, very cute.  So I feel we are on our way to setting in and meeting the neighbourhood.  I was given the neighbourhood rundown, the information on the school and an introduction on how wonderful life is in Sumner. 

Amy started kindy this week and loved it.  In true Amy form she settled in easily and wasn't fussed when I left 2 minutes after arriving. Her only comment was, "Why are you still here?".  I hope Mia is as easy next week.  Our life is developing a pattern and a rhythm that I am loving.  It is slower and easier without being frustrating.

When we arrived I had in the back of my mind that this was temporary and we would be going back to Sydney in the future.  Maybe this was because of the move to Shanghai which was a disastrous move or maybe because we had made such amazing friends in Sydney.  Whatever the reason, when we left Sydney I was sure we would be returning in a few years, like this was a short term contract.  However, now I know this is where I should be.  I feel connected to this place and I feel like I have come home. 

The next step is finding a permanent home for us - I am working on it, so stayed tuned....

Thanks for reading and for posting comments, it is wonderful to hear from all of you.

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  1. Love that you are feeling like Sumner, and Christchurch, fit your family. :)

    Good luck to Mia starting a new school next week. :)